How To Install Your Fire Door

Hanging a fire door is not the same as hanging a standard door we would always recommend having a competent fitter that has a detailed knowledge of how to fit a fire door as they have the correct training on how to fit a fire door. 

Not fitting a fire door correctly will compromise the correct working of a fire door and failure to fit it properly can ultimately put property and lives at risk. Your local building control officer will give you the correct information when a door has to be a fire door and they can check for compliance and also how the door and its components are fitted correctly.

Remember that internal fire doors need to fully comply with Part B of the Building Regulations when fitted we provide full certification for the fire door frames and any ironmongery that is supplied we always advise working with an approved fitter who is a member of an accredited scheme e.g. FIRAS. Should be looking for a fire safety compliant internal fire door we have an expensive range at Fire Door Kingdom

Fire Door Frames

You might not think you need a frame but fire doors do have to work with the frame as a fire door assembly, the seals are also important and shouldn’t be over looked we recommend FD30s seals are always used, its not the fire that kills its the smoke. you must ensure the fire door and its components are fitted according to the certification provided by the door manufacturers and fitted correctly for a valid installation.

Fire Door Seals

Fire Doors must be fitted with the correct Intumescent or smoke seals they are part of the fire door assembly and ply a crucial role in preventing loss of life and help stop the spread of fire and smoke and must be fitted correctly.

Fire doors need to work effectively they must move in the fire door frame freely this is why the gap around the door and frame is so important the intumescent seal will expand creating a seal when it is subjected to heat. Seals are normally fitted to frames but can also be fitted to the door itself you must make sure that the correct intumescent seals specified the test evidence of the certification are used.

Ironmongery for internal fire doors

Normally this is over looked you must make sure that the correct ironmongery is used i.e. handle locks and hinges also you may need overhead closers to comply all our ironmongery fitting kits comply with full FD30 and FD60 certification and are put together to make it easy for you to get the correct items for your fire door.

Fire doors will not work unless they are fitted correctly all our suppliers doors are supported by a fire test assessment report which includes the ironmongery we supply.

Maintenance of internal fire doors

Again something that is over looked and forgot about once fitted with any life-saving product, a fire door should be checked to ensure that it still functions properly. every six months or so have a look that the fire door and its components are ok any slight alteration to the door can affect the performance remember it has to have the ability to last half an hour in the event of a fire.

Most of the time an internal fire door is used like any other door and is subject to everyday wear and tear. We advise to clean your fire door in the same way as you would for a regular door and to re-varnish or paint as required make sure you don’t paint the seals this is a common problem we see. If you are unsure, contact an accredited fire door fitter.

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